1. Technical services in the field of electronic, electromechanical, automation, information technology and control, particularly in the field of transport, such as rail electrification systems engineering and symptoms, software design and hardware manufacture and installation and and provide the support and advice of learning systems

2. The responsibility for maintenance of equipment, communications and signaling

3. Trains equipped with Tehran metro system, ATP.

4. maintenance of rail equipment BAS city of Tehran and Suburbs

5. maintenance of power equipment and air passenger cars now Raja

6. The Tehran Metro Line 2 stations install digital watches

7. Installation of CCTV and digital clocks on the Tehran metro.

8. Repair of electrical and electronic boards for Tehran metro.

9. Construction boards Tehran Metro Line 1,2 and 5.

10. cabling and welding rails in Tehran Metro.

  • Supply and Production of parts.

  • Installation

  • Support and Warranty

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